Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How Dare You Read Books

How dare you read books.

In order to read them, someone has to buy them. And in order for someone to buy them, books must be available for purchase. How do books become available for purchase? Authors must write them and get them published.

Have you ever pondered the agony we manipulators of the written word must suffer in order to satisfy your urges? You can’t wait to find out what happens to Harry or Katniss or whoever, yet you put no thought whatsoever into the pains we must go through to bring their stories to life.

We are isolated from the world in dungeons imposed by your unending desire for more. This imprisonment is not so bad when the writing evokes euphoria in our souls—it is moments like these that we live for. But this euphoria is fleeting and we can fall into a well of despondency before we know what has happened to us. We remember that we are alone, our minds falter, and suddenly words are too difficult to jot on the page. Fear sets in: What if I am unable to finish? What do I make my characters do now? Will anyone care about this in the end? Will my works and I be forgotten after my death like last week’s rubbish? 

We become depressed. Some of us turn to alcohol. Some turn to more illegal substances. I personally turn to mindless websites so I have something to laugh at. It beats flinging my computer across the room and curling up into a pathetic ball of anguish in the corner.

Now, readers, you may be wondering if my fellow writers and I are insane for subjecting ourselves to such torment. You may even think we are masochists. 

Perhaps we are.

Yet we do it anyway. We do it for ourselves. And we do it for you. 

Words cannot describe the gratitude we feel when someone tells us that they love our books. We live for these moments, as well. It tells us that our outpouring of words and emotions has made a difference in someone’s life and may even change the world for the better. What could be greater than that?

We thank you for daring to read books. I thank you. And I will be eternally grateful for your support and kind words as I continue my journey as a writer. 

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