Saturday, March 17, 2012

"One Small Jar"

 (Author's note: I wrote this nearly a year ago. Sometimes putting memories into words helps ease the pain, though it is doubtful that the pain will ever truly be gone until I breathe my last.)

One Small Jar

By J. S. Bailey

"Conception came out," he says
(conception? no, no, you're wrong)
then puts it in a jar and leaves.
A jar so small
and lifeless like the tomb it is.
i want to see i want to see my baby
(Why would you want to?)
"Sure," she says
then picks the jar off the counter
like it's nothing
And shows me.
But I cannot see
There's a label in the way
i cannot see!
And just as quickly the jar is gone.
Taken away

I never saw her
(Or was it him? I cannot know.)

Oh, Crystal, that gem of my heart,
Where have they taken you?
The flesh may perish
But when a warm breeze rustles the treetops
And the sun peeks its rays through the clouds
I know you are there.

Written March 29, 2011

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