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A Chat with Abby Ryan

Do you love stories brimming with action and romance? Do you enjoy battles that pit good against evil? Do you fawn over complex characters whose gut-wrenching decisions could affect the lives of everyone in the realm? If so, pull up a chair and meet Abby Ryan, author of the YA fantasy series The Light and Dark Chronicles, which starts off with Orphan of the Shadows and continues with The Black Trinity, which releases February 5. The series chronicles the lives of the citizens of Aleunna, the most prominent of whom are Elon, the heir to the Aleunna throne; her adoptive siblings Zedikajah and Gwenhafar; and a trio of unsavory characters named Sheva, Albree, and Tarrek (the "Black Trinity") whose father is king of the dark land of Jasikx. 

First of all, tell us about your new novel The Black Trinity. 

The Black Trinity is sequel to my first novel Orphan of the Shadows and is full of danger, adventure, hope, music, and discovery.

The best way to describe it without giving it away is to just give you the backmatter: 

He could feel violence take control of his arms and legs. He felt his fingers brush the hilt of his dagger, but it wasn’t him touching it. He wasn’t telling his body to move. If anything, he was telling it to run.

All of a sudden, Tarrek felt a surge of evil wash over him. Darkness more powerful than any he had ever felt ran through his limbs. He couldn’t help but feel that something vital had changed in the realm, something between the balance of Light and Dark. If he’d known what Sheva and the others had just achieved, he would have known he was right… 

It’s been four months since Elon said her goodbyes to the streets and has taken up a life of never ending prosperity. Even though she is now an envy of others, her life is still not free of trouble. Enemies lurk at every turn, but not just during her waking hours. Every night now Elon is haunted by nightmares—awful visions of the future that may or may not come true.

In an effort to try and grant her peace, Elon’s adoptive brother, Zedikajah, soon convinces her to attend a summer program. It is at an art school in Hûloden Kingdom where summer romance is brewing and creativity runs deep. Sadly, even there it is not safe.

Darkness is plotting to take over the kingdom in a wave of terror and imminent death. However, they are also facing threats of their own. With a new enemy pursuing them, the Black Trinity may have more than the Light to fear. When even the hunter is being hunted, the chance of victory for Light and Dark is teetering briskly in all directions. 

What inspired you to start writing The Light and Dark Chronicles? 

God did. When I was little God gave me visions. He showed me the books I would write, and he filled me with a passion to do so. Now I am just so very connected with all the characters and the world itself. It’s all so real to me. I believe it’s that connection that keeps me writing. 

If you could have one character on your side during a battle, who would it be? 

AKANE! Everybody may think Kaj is the best fighter, but dude, it was Akane who made him that way. She’s very strong and intelligent, and she’s fast in the heat of battle. I would trust my life to her any day because of how strong her determination and sense of loyalty is. 

The world of Bratched has an intricate history, a variety of languages and cultures, and a belief system that mirrors Christianity. How long did it take for you to develop this world? What was the first thing you knew about Bratched? 

You forgot to say that the world has a plethora of intricate governments. Oh, I guess that’s because I haven’t really written about them. I just know the build of the government in Alëunná and Zégurkö and the Elves and the faeries and… yeah, stuff you probably don’t need to know, but me as the author just was curious enough to discover.

Okay, so how long did it take me to develop this world? Well I’ve been working on it for nearly 14 years now, and I’m still discovering new things about it! Like the tribes in Èlena that were inspired by our African tribes and the jungle in North Lèmuel that was inspired by my recent fascination with elephants and jaguars... Every time I write something new comes forth.

Let’s see, the first thing I knew about Bratched… I knew that it had a realm named Alëunná which had a kingdom named Ridgámá with a capital named Ridge Court. The very first story I ever started to write for the Light and Dark Chronicles took place in Ridge Court. If you’ve read the books now, though, I’m sure you’d notice we haven’t even been to Ridge Court. Honestly, I don’t know if we ever will go there anymore… It was just a part of the developing process for me. 

Do you have any writing quirks? 

I usually have to write in silence in a closed in space where no one can bug me.... And people better not disturb me for as long as I write or they may just get the evil eye... 

What are you working on now? 

I’m working on 0.2 A Twist on Reality. It is the second book in the prequel to Orphan of the Shadows in the Light and Dark Chronicles. It’s got about 3 chapters yet before it’s finished, but I haven’t been writing in general for about 3 months now. I’m actually focusing more on my singing and drawing/ painting abilities. I figured it was okay to take a break from writing since I had done it nearly nonstop since I was in junior high. (I’m 2 years out of high school now.)

When I do finish ATR, I want to finish Mistaken Identity, which is the sequel to The Black Trinity. I have about 6 chapters left on that. 

Do you have any events lined up where people can meet you and purchase your books? 

Not yet. Like I said, I’ve been taking a much-needed break from all this book stuff. But events will be trickling in soon. People can find updates about them on my website under the events page.

Sounds great, Abby! Thank you for taking the time to stop on by!

The Black Trinity may be ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Parable Christian Stores.

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  1. Sounds intriguing. Can't wait to read your books. Great interview J.S. Akane, huh? I love a good butt-kicking female character. All the best, Abby!