Saturday, July 6, 2013

Choices of the Heart by Rhonda Kooyman

Choices of the Heart by Rhonda Kooyman is one of the most terrifying and moving novels I have read in a long time. It is written mostly as the fictitious memoir of a woman named Tracy Dewitt who became entrapped by a psychotic and manipulative boyfriend who brutally abused her for years. Though this story is fiction, it seems very real because Tracy's story happens to women every day all over the world. They know they can't stay with their abuser because they'll end up being killed, yet at the same time they believe that they can't leave because their abusers have led them to believe that they are helpless on their own.

This story is full of tragedy and heartache. I was actually frightened for Tracy as if she were a real human being, and it takes a lot of talent on the author's part to make me feel that way about a character. However, this novel does not lack in hope. Even though the choices Tracy made were devastating, she does learn from her mistakes and finds the ability to forgive. I wish I could give this novel ten stars. Kooyman's writing sucked me in so well that I actually felt like I was there with Tracy. I could see what she saw and feel her terror and desperation as if it were my own. I think that more people need to read this so they can recognize the signs of an abuser before it is too late for them.

I highly recommend this novel. It is a must-read.

Choices of The Heart

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