Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brain Problems, Servant, Cool Stuff, and More!

I have been a bad blogger lately. Well, technically I've been a good blogger since I do two posts a month over at www.obeythemuse.com, but THIS blog has unfortunately been neglected for the past several months because my brain is perpetually fried.

I realized what my brain problem is, aside from being fried. Actually it has a bunch of problems. Imagine turning on your radio and having about fifteen stations blast out of it all at the same time. You've got a jumble of classical, oldies, NPR, country, R&B, and everything else assaulting your ears, and you can't make any sense out of it so you curl up into a ball and cover your ears while hoping it all goes away.

That's my brain.

It's too full of stuff. I get overwhelmed. Then, to avoid being overwhelmed by the never ending maelstrom of thoughts, I end up playing spider solitaire or going outside and burning stuff, which is really quite relaxing.

The thing is, important stuff doesn't get done when I'm out torching sticks and broken fence pieces behind the house with the gleefulness of a manic arsonist. So at times I must force myself to accomplish Important Things, which include 1.) Writing my novel, 2.) Promoting my work, 3.) Making connections on social media, 4.) Writing some more, 5.) Setting up events, and 6.) More. This does not include household stuff and exercising, which are also Important Things.

But you know what? I recently accomplished an EXTREMELY Important Thing.

I wrote another novel.

It's called Servant, and will be the first book in a series about a wimpy wannabe hero named Bobby Roland who has a run-in with a group of people who have been chosen by God to drive demons out of those who are possessed. Bobby also has gut-wrenching premonitions of tragedy that haunt him day and night. And he likes to eat bagels, but despite his addiction he's still skinny as a rail. He's also socially awkward, so he's kind of like the author who invented him. (cough cough)

What's cooler is that I am going to be a very brave person and self-publish it. I've already talked to an editor and a cover designer, so it's my hope that Servant will be released upon the unsuspecting world by the end of the year.

More updates will come. In the meantime, happy reading and all that good stuff.

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