Monday, May 19, 2014

My 700th Book

No, I have not written 700 books. But wouldn't that be cool?

I'm not your typical sort of author. My books get very few sales online, so I order colossal quantities of copies directly from my publisher and sell them to people in person at book signings and author talks and things.

Yesterday at my signing in Newport, Kentucky I sold my 700th book. This does not include the handful that have sold online. It's taken me just over three years to reach this number. 700 may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but I've worked hard setting up events and promoting my work, and this number shows that my efforts are slowly but surely paying off.

Of these 700, 485 were copies of The Land Beyond the Portal and 215 were Rage's Echo. Come on, RE! Let's pick up the pace! :)

If you are a recipient of one of these 700 copies, thank you for your support. Not everyone will risk reading a book that was written by a new and relatively unheard-of author, and it means a lot knowing that you took a chance on me. God bless you all!

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