Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Have you ever been reprimanded for doing the right thing? Did it make you angry? In SERVANT, Bobby Roland knows this feeling all too well...

(Excerpt from Chapter 2 of SERVANT)

Many boys he knew dreamed of being firemen and astronauts when they grew up, but deep down, Bobby Roland had always wanted to be a superhero.
The plan was simple. He would have a secret lair and identity (unassuming musician) and devote the rest of his time to helping those in need. He would help old ladies cross the street. He would scare off bank robbers with his self-taught karate moves. He would be adored by the public and lauded a champion of the people in the newspapers, which would fly off the stands and be read by citizens the world over.
He had even come up with a name for himself: Rescue Man. Because that’s what he would do. Rescue people in whatever way necessary to ensure their protection.
Ah, the follies of childhood. If only he had known.
Bobby steered his way home through the driving rain, trying his best not to let his anger blind him to the perils of the wet road. The condemning words repeated themselves in his mind like a broken record. You’re fired. You’re fired. You’re fired.
Part of him wanted to cry. Part of him wanted to smash his fist into something soft and warm, preferably his former manager’s face. But he’d just stood there, numb, and listened to the man’s words like a truant schoolboy receiving a scolding from his principal.
Within his veins, however, his blood began to boil. He had only been doing the right thing. Rescue Man would have done the same, but Rescue Man did not exist.

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