Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meet Bobby Roland

Bobby Roland knows things he shouldn't, and I'll tell you why: he has a gift. Or is it a curse?

For those Bobby has saved, his gift is a blessing. He has premonitions of disaster, you see. So it's up to him to rescue those who find themselves at death's door.

Bobby, of course, is the young hero of The Chronicles of Servitude. Servant, the first novel of the series, was released in November 2014, but the idea for Servant was brewing long before that.

About five years ago, my husband suggested that I write a book about demon hunters who have superpowers. I scoffed at the idea. Why would I bother with such a thing? Hasn't that been done before?

With great hesitation, I tried to write Bobby Roland's story. I failed. I started again. I failed again. The story just wasn't interesting and the characters fell flat. I can't tell you how many times I tried writing Bobby's story only to abandon plot lines and start again from scratch. In one incarnation of the story, Bobby was in a rock band and was reeling from the death of one of his fellow band members. In another incarnation, Bobby's clairvoyance caused a great rift between him and his parents. I discarded both of these ideas, as neither felt right.

In the beginning, Bobby's story was set in Ohio, but I realized that Ohio was too populated to fit the story's needs. I can't remember exactly why I transplanted Bobby to Oregon specifically; just that Oregon has more wide open spaces where shady happenings can be overlooked.

Changing the setting from Ohio to Oregon opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. Bobby is from Ohio and moved to Oregon. He is young and trying to find his way--and maybe he's even running from something he might not consciously acknowledge.

And so, the story, as well as Bobby's personality, began to take shape. Bobby is awkward around girls and wants to be able to do the right thing even though he's usually terrified out of his wits. He's often shy and insecure. He can be hotheaded, too, which is perfectly understandable since he's often stressed.

As I continued to write the story that would eventually become Servant, I realized that much of Bobby's personality was my own. I, too, have been learning to find my way and my life's purpose. I struggle with social awkwardness. And I also yearn to do what is right.

In Sacrifice, Book 2 of the Chronicles of Servitude, Bobby will face even more challenges that he must overcome. He is still learning. And so am I.

Bobby Roland knows things he shouldn't. 

Plagued with premonitions of disaster, he fights to save others’ lives. What Bobby doesn't foresee is that rescuing a stranger from death will place him in the line of fire. 

He discovers a world of evil spirits and tormented souls when he becomes entangled in a madman's plot to kill the Servant, a man chosen by God to exorcise demons from the possessed. When Bobby falls under spiritual attack following the encounter, he must choose between saving others and saving himself.

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