Monday, April 4, 2016

Rage's Echo--A Special Offer

It's spring again! Or is it? With this crazy weather, it's hard to tell.


Last spring I republished my supernatural thriller Rage's Echo with a brand-new cover. The story inside is exactly the same--Rage's Echo basically went through a makeover that only changed its appearance, not its content.

The old cover

The new cover

Very nice, yes?

Here is my dilemma: I still have lots of first-edition copies of Rage's Echo that I have yet to find homes for. (I had stocked up on 300+ copies, not anticipating that I would be republishing.)

So, until that time in which I run out of first-edition copies of that ghostly tale of revenge, I am offering signed, personalized copies to U.S. readers for $20.

That $20 will cover:
-A first-edition copy of Rage's Echo
-An autograph!
-A stylish purple bookmark

(*Note: non-U.S. residents will be charged a higher shipping fee that will be based upon the country in which the reader lives.)

If you are interested in this offer, send an email to with RAGE'S ECHO as the subject, and a copy of Rage's Echo will be headed your way shortly!

Happy reading!

She wanted proof... He wanted revenge...

Jessica Roman-Dell, a paranormal investigator from small-town Ohio, wants to find a ghost to prove that life continues after death. Little does Jessica realize the danger she'll face when the spirit of a murder victim named Jerry Madison follows her home from a graveyard one night and refuses to leave.

Jerry says he is lonely. He wishes to go to heaven because watching the world pass by without him is more unbearable than death itself. But Jerry is there for another reason that will hit closer to home than Jessica ever could have imagined.

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