Friday, April 6, 2012

"Sinner's Lament"

Sinner's Lament

By J. S. Bailey

Copyright 2012

I want to talk but no one's here
There's no one close and no one near
And though I walk and breathe I'm dead
From unseen wounds in heart and head.

My soul is gone, and with it, love
The One who cares dwells up above
Or all around, I cannot see
But God, no one will talk to me.

I'm freaking out, I'm losing touch
It's getting all to be too much
To breathe is torture, life is pain
Life's gonna make me go insane.

I'm sinking, slipping, swallowed up
Why would you make me drink this cup
Of poison! Poison! Cyanide!
Nowhere to run, no place to hide!

They're at my heels, they're coming fast
The monsters make me see the past
Of what was good, of what has been
Of what's now gone due to my sin.

I lay down in the grave I dug
I yearn for touch, for kiss, for hug
Yet none of these will I find here
There's no one close and no one near.

Abandoned! Yes, that ugly word
That's what I said and what you heard
My flesh is dying like my soul
As I expire in this hole.

My vision darkens as I die
The sunlight's fading from the sky
The distant tolling of a bell
Announces my descent to hell.

They say that you once died for me
Reach out your hand and you will see
I beg you, weeping, on my knees
Sweet Jesus, Savior, save me please.