Monday, August 11, 2014

Ragged Edge Reunion

Yesterday I came home from my first-ever writing conference feeling totally stoked. I learned so much and absorbed so many things this past weekend that I'm still sifting through it all and probably will be for the next several weeks.

The funny thing is that a non-writer person who is very close to me asked, prior to my departure, what the writing conference was going to be about.

I drew a blank. "Um...there's going to be stuff on how to write query letters and stuff."

Yeah. Stuff.

Since the conference has concluded, I can sum it up in a few short words:


Okay, that was only two words. Authors aren't supposed to know how to count.

It was such a beautiful feeling finally getting to meet so many wonderful, creative people in person. I felt like I knew almost everyone already. We writer types are like one big, happy, demented family who should not be permitted to touch sharp objects or fireplace tools.

Or ketchup.

Here are some snippets from this weekend.

1. I kept coughing because I'm not used to talking and the act of speaking was irritating my throat.

2. A fellow writer was constantly brushing her teeth. Note to self: create a character who is constantly brushing her teeth.

3. I nearly gave myself a hernia laughing at Katie's Ted impression.

4. "We must love the brown monkeys."

5. Two words: war paint.

6. I won a sweatshirt for being voted Biggest Grammar Nazi.

7. There was a surprise guest who passed out advance copies of his newest book.

8. The surprise guest tried to steal my red Sharpie.

9. Instead of plaques, we give out headstones.

10. When it rains in Nashville, IT RAINS.

11. It's okay to not have any idea of what you're doing.

12. Have a ridiculous amount of belief in yourself.

13. We are enslaved by our desire to be perceived in a favorable way.

14. Writing can't be taught, only learned.

15. Blue is the color of all that I wear.

16. And I was not the weirdest person there.


  1. I love this summary of the weekend. Great time with good blues.

    1. Amen! I haven't had this much fun in ages. Still laughing about the dude gaping at my face paint.

  2. This made me smile a BIG smile!

  3. Oh, Jennifer, this was a perfect summation of the weekend. Wasn't it wonderful?

    I'm still sifting through all my thoughts. They are muggy, but so clear at the same time. How does that happen anyway?