Monday, February 20, 2012

A Word of Thanks

I am truly thankful for my readers: to those of you who have taken the time to journey through the "portal" with Laura and write reviews about it; to those who have lent your copies to a friend in zealous fits of joy; to those who have posted and reposted information about my novel encouraging others to follow you on Laura's journey; to those of you who have always been there; and to those whom I have only just met and begun to know. Without you, I would be spinning my wheels in the mud, going nowhere but down. Without you, I would have no reason to further my career as an author. In other words, thank you.

I do have some updates for you all, though they are nothing major. I submitted a Christian speculative fiction short story (what a mouthful!) to a magazine last month and I am still awaiting their reply. If I cannot find a publisher for it, I will e-publish it for the time being. Also, I am nearly finished with the first draft of a supernatural Christian suspense novel which I have tentatively named "Rage's Echo." Since the editing process is bound to be lengthy, I probably will not begin querying agents for several more months. I can only keep my fingers crossed and pray that it all will work out. I can't wait to entertain you all with my new characters and the terrible scrapes they find themselves in! I will keep you posted about all new updates, but that is it for now.

Bailey out.

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